Our Brief

To create a mobile site where the main focus is on finding the nearest Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen to the user. We were also asked for the site to house nutrition facts.


Our Strategy

Considering Cheddar's was re-branding to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen we set out on researching a few different components. Firstly, have the home page as well as navigation aid the main intent of finding the user's closest CSK. Second, due to the name change we decided to add a blog component that would host information, chef/fan recipes, and over all community involvement for SEO purposes. Lastly, I was put in charge of comprising 3 varying aesthetics to present to the client. To the left is the one they approved. 

*Unfortunately I handed off the polished site, in it's entirety, to the team the week before I left Moroch to come to Sherri Hill in Austin, TX. I am still close with some of my old coworkers who have informed me the launch was postponed due to content creation obstacles. Last I was informed they still intend to launch it.