The Concept

The creative world is notably one fixated on the new and avant-garde. This ever forward moving pace calls for consistent change. And as it constantly redefines the ideal looks of fashion, it also redefines the ideal looks of modeling. In a collective effort to promote a healthier concept of beauty, the industry is embracing the different and striding further away from the harsh stereotypes. This is why the Campbell Agency is extending their scouting reach and making conscious endeavors to honor what some perceive to be awkward flaws, both physical and personality-wise, as valued features differentiating one person from the next.


The Strategy

Utilize three platform touch-points starting with an interactive display outside of local stores and boutiques, then an interactive magazine and lastly a microsite focusing on the literal value of hiring models with unique quirks in the commercial world. 

The first platform is an interactive display that prompts pedestrians to take a snapshot and possibly participate in their Street Beauty Contest or they can simply post their snapshot to social media. Should they get selected in the Street Beauty Contest, then they would receive an email telling them that they are going to be featured in the agency's interactive magazine and to please respond with a paragraph about their favorite physical feature or personality trait.

The third platform is a microsite which is a little more client based but reaffirms the concept of value within a person's quirks. It is a different filtering system where a client looking for a model can filter through the agency's selections by selecting features like freckles, bushy eyebrows and bigger eyes. This microsite also helps the models not only by them possibly standing out by their features but also by including their own profile page and professional web that shows connections to labels, locations, photographers, make-up artists, other models, etc.