McDonald's Burger Showdown

Around 7 months after starting at Moroch, I was elected by my Creative Directors to design the McDonald's Burger Showdown microsite. Following is the case study copy to further explain the promotion as well as provide tone. There were also 3 subsequent revisions of the site due to phases of the promotion. The last one is still active at the link below.

"In March of 2016, Moroch and McDonalds of Texas gave the friendly folks of the Lone Star State the opportunity to build their very own one-of-a-kind Texas Burger through the Burger Showdown Sweepstakes. We invited every Texan to “come and make it” and enter their Texas Burger for a chance to win $5,000 and see the winning burger served at all participating Texas McDonald’s. Now that the #BugerShowdown has come to an end, a winner has been named.

Only one could be crowned best in Texas and The Lone star Stack beat out all the rest! The artisan sandwich is made with classic Texas Toast, crinkle cut pickles, 2 quarter pound beef patties, white cheddar, Applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions and sweet onion BBQ sauce. The specialty burger was handpicked by our five-star, taste-testing judges against some of the other front runners, such as the Lone Star Bronc, Dobletxmeet, The McSqually, and the Gourd."

 Click image to view the case study on Moroch.com

Click image to view the case study on Moroch.com


In this contest users attempted to create and name the official McDonald's burger of Texas by combining ingredients in a visual web environment and submitting his/her burger and name for voting. The breadth of the campaign allowed me to bolster my understanding of proper structured user testing. I designed the mockups, worked with a vendor for development, wrote user testing scripts, analyzed screencast data of users interacting with the product, revised, re-tested, and launched. The site garnered over 25,000 submissions, over 200,000 votes, 9 billion earned media impressions, and increased sales 3.0% at participating restaurants.