My fling With Visual Merchandising

My dual position at AG permitted me a more holistic study of my users’ behaviors by broadening the touch-points I was privy to influence. For the retail my direct report was the Director of Visual Merchandising, for whom I created window concepts, fixture designs, signage, and installations. This physical implementation of user experience ideals was my first true interaction with user testing. Every week we would collect data and comments from the AG customers about their in-store experiences. Enabling us to tailor (pun intended) the physical merchandising to each location’s identity, improving both feedback and sales. The vitality of the user’s experience became clearer. I had in-person contact and the conversation was not solely recorded, it was felt. This is when the UX wheels started turning, I had a huge interest in empathizing with the user and smoothing any friction points to leave him/her a charmed sensation.